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Bespin, another missed opportunity for new vehicles

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After hearing Bespin was getting a new vehicle I was thrilled. But now I come to find out it's only the cloud car that was added, which is similar to existing ships already in the game. And that's just disappointing.

In watching footage of some of the outdoor maps it seems like there's a ton of open space with little to no cover. This would have been a great opportunity to add neutral tranport vehicles like the land speeder or something else more appropriate. Otherwise players will almost feel obligated to equip the jump pack to traverse the wide open spaces and get to cover.

When I think of the shortcomings this game has compared to its predecessors, the shortage of vehicles is one of the first things to come to mind. Please consider adding more to this game to make vehicle combat interesting. It's one of the things that made Battlefront 2 amazing.
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  • ChadDSolo
    1457 posts Member
    edited June 2016
    Not trying to add to or detract from any validity of your OP, Blaze, but what I wanna know is are we ever gonna actually get a B-Wing in a BF game? Or Vader's TIE?
    (barring Steam mods of course)
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