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August Community Calendar

Hutt contracts are difficult to track

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Previously we used to be able to review our Hutt contracts while in a game. Now, it seems they removed that functionality in favor of a vertical stacked list with no way of reviewing the criteria. I don't know why you felt the need to remove the Jabba UI but what we have here is inferior and frustrating. If I want to see what is left for completing a contract I need to ALT-TAB out and consult the companion app.

Suggestion: Bring back the Jabba throne UI that we had with outer rim.

In addition to this, the contracts go away so quickly during the end-game score screen that you barely get a chance to measure your performance and see what remains. There's plenty of real estate left on this screen, so why do you need to cycle through several screens of information?

Suggestion: Allow us to tab back to our Hutt contract progress, or consolidate the contract progress screen with the round summary screen.
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