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[Suggestion] Variable extraction points on sabotage

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I believe sabotage is fundamentally flawed. Once a game dwindles to a single gas objective, the imps can ignore that and collect at the extraction zone for the advantage in numbers. As players learn the maps and wisen up to this strategy I believe the mode will just worsen.

So here's a suggestion...why not plan for several spots on the map that could be designated as an extraction zone? Then once the final gas is detonated the game randomly chooses one of them. This would add some dynamic excitement to a match and help keep it feeling fresh. It'll also avoid the cheesy tactic of having the imps turtling at the known location ahead of time to gain the upper hand.

What are people's thoughts on this idea? Are you at all concerned about the longterm viability of sabotage with a single known extraction zone?
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  • Danxoln
    2473 posts Member
    awesome idea!
  • Ctown
    859 posts Member
    Yeah or just make the extraction zone out of bounds for the empire for like a minute. That will give the rebels some time to run over there and get ready
  • i feel its damn near impossible to win as the rebels unless a team is playing together and knows how to conserve the heroes. cause 4 villains all hitting the extraction point at once is just ridiculous.\

    i was thinking maybe have it like battle station phase 2, where each side gets two heroes, then once you get R2 (in sabotage it would be after the last gas tank explodes) both sides get two more heroes.

    but i'm wondering if the reason they do 4 villains at the end is cause once the rebels are in the extraction point, its easy to just partner start and have the whole team back there in a sec.

    guess that would be the same for each side. what do people think? would that be a good change?
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