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Switching from PS4 to XB1

I've changed consoles, and would like new people to play with. Add LizzieBoredom13. I'm a mum and teacher on the east coast, so I sadly don't devote as much time as I'd like to playing.


  • GT: EVO Knight

    I am playing Battlefront fairly regularly. I am a 42 year old father/husband/gamer so my time is limited as well

    I am game usually 8pm PST-11:00pmPST

    I have a group of friends on XBOX live that regularly play together and are always willing to have a new friend join our social group.

    We also play, The Division, Destiny, and other multiplayer games.
  • Thank you! I can't wait to play more!♤♡♢♧
  • Death Watch always have members active and many are also parents, BUT if you really want to find more people to play with and are in the same pool as you. Goto the forum OLD FARTS. They are great mature adults and accept any parent gamers with open arms. BUT if you like to play with a couple Death Watch members send me a message on Xbox, my gamer tag is Commander Dage like my username. And if you would like to join a casual clan called Death Watch Black Dawn. I'll leave a link at the bottom
  • SopranoGraph82 on almost every night!
  • Pizzaiguess - add me on now
  • add me. gt: Papito Panda. im also looking for players since i just got the game!
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