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Team Balancing

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Is there any rhyme or reason on how team balancing is done, or is it random? I played a lot this weekend. And both days I kept getting switched. Last night I played as a rebel 4 straight matches. Twice in turning point, and twice in WA. (which did not help my win%). It seems like every time I get an MVP I get changed over to the other team.


  • I don't know for sure so don't take this as fact. But I think they switch it around so the team that lost gets some of the other teams better players and the winning team gets some of the not-so-good players. I don't know though, could be random. Yesterday I was playing Bespin and there was me and two other players that stood out from the rest, getting high K/D (in relation to the other players), top of the leaderboard and MVP etc. I was on the losing team and the two other guys were on the winning and then it switched me, the top player of the losing team, to the winning team and kept the two other good players where they were. Needless to say we absolutely wrecked that round. So I'm not sure how it works
  • They did it in BF4 and ruined the game as you always used to end up defending on Rush if you were pretty good.
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    ...just call it a continuous work in progress....if it was a pre-production prototype it would have never gone into production .
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