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Private Match Recruitment (Australian players preferred)

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edited June 2016
Hey guys!

I figured it'd be cool to try out the private match function, seeing as that's the easiest (only) way to play vanilla and DLC maps together at the current time. Thinking it might be cool to just get a bunch of people together to just play whatever whenever. I'm mostly a Heroes vs Villains player myself, but really, a clan of people just to play anything at all with together would be super rad. Not really any rules, but a couple of notes...
  • No huge restrictions on K/D ratio, purely because mine is...rather embarrassing. Now, I'm a bit of a Leeroy Jenkins myself sometimes, but I'm sensible about it. I don't go charging into battle as, say Lando, for instance. So y'know, basically just don't be ridiculous.
  • Australian players are ideal, but whatever. It's up to you how much lag you get, I suppose.
  • Season pass holders are preferred, obviously, for DLC maps, but not necessary.
  • No as*holes, I suppose. (Gotta censor that, huh forum?)
So uhh...yeah? I guess that's pretty much it. I'm really chill so I'm really not big on rules, clearly. :') Just fun stuff. If anyone wants to add me, gamertag is KicktheNitro.
Cheers, gang.
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