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The Mandalorians - a PS4 community for the galaxies elite!

Aliit Ori'shya tal'din!
Family is more than blood!

Come join me and my effort to re-establishing the proud warrior tradition and feared combative reputation of the Mandalorian race in the Star Wars universe!

Looking to party, play and have fun with mandos alike!

Add me! My PSN is Commandolorian!
See you down hunt, Vod! Oya!


  • Hey add me kevinmitchell198 I would love to be a mandalorian, any others out there?
  • Gothic_Mando
    1934 posts Member
    edited July 2016
    suuuure are ; ) you guys have a ps4 community? would love to join ^^ username is same as above

    Instant Action confirmed!!! ^^


    Check out our extensive, ongoing Co-op Playthrough /Discussion of Arcade / Instant Action mode on my YouTube too!^^

  • Hello, would you guys be interested in competing as a clan in a tournament for the game? Were heading into our third tournament on PS4 and its for Drop Zone this time. Signups are open until July 29th. So far we have 12 teams.
    If you are interested in signing up here is the link, you will need at least 4 members:
  • add me at chiefg1826
  • Okay I've invited all of you guys to the community! We're going to try and coordinate with everyone a day to play, so keep in contact!
  • We also have a PS4 community! It's the Mandalorian Strike Teams! Request to join up there also and we'll all play together!
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