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Chat in the lobbies

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Is there a technical reason that there's no chat feature in the lobbies? It seems like it could be a really effective way to get games going.

I'm in Tokyo, Japan, and it's incredibly hard to find games in Asia, so I either have to spend at least half an hour searching for a game and end up settling for playing a mode I'm not that interested in, or try to find a game in America with latency of 120 at the very least.

If there was chat in the lobbies, it would have the following advantages:
1. You could tell people "I'll wait if you will," which would make them less likely to drop out.
2. Someone might start an interesting conversation that would make waiting less of a pain.
3. People could exchange info about how long they've been waiting and what the chances of getting a game are.

Tonight I've been sitting in the "40 player modes" lobby for about 20 minutes, and I see the same people coming in and out, looking for games. If they all just came in the lobby at the same time, we could get a game going easily.
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