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those pesky survivals or battles its rough

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edited July 2016
glad your reading this much as I love battlefront as u do........we all need help. Well, having tried through hardship to attempt all missions and survivals I was able to complete.......just ask .....we don't have to be friends or what not *be cool tho if we did* just holla and ill get u every star u need time permitting :)
my name is ps4 name is Atosp_2-1


  • i can help you do survival missions on hard and even master but preferbly hard first so i can get the loadouts. I am really good at the game rank 65 k/d 2.06 with 85% wins ill add you or u can add me mic is needed also i play daily
  • BUWAHAHA I was offering my help! anyway hit me up as afriend lets do a game or 2
  • BonoboSwag
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    i sent a request to yodasdog on psn but no reply and u have no trophies so i dont know if its u
  • send it to atosp_2-1 that's me
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