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Enough is enough with the indirect pay to win DLC.



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  • briandt75
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    weetad wrote: »
    IMO when you get a dlc you are using weapons that are unstable in that there are likely to be future changes made to them if they are too overpowered (like the ee-4 at close range) so it is almost always a safe bet to stick to the original vanilla weapons that they have fully worked out

    Except that those keep getting nerfed and buffed too.
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  • I have to strongly disagree. Those guns are not pay to win nor are the cards from the dlc's. There are more viable cards and weapons in the vanilla game that are just as good as Dlc weapons and cards.

    Disrupted? Use cooling cell. Ee4? Dl44 is good the dh17 is good.. Se14c is good.. Get the point?

    Many of the Dlc weapons are not as great as you might think. But those weapons are by no means pay to win. That implies you are going to win all the time using those cards, which you don't, and besides they have plenty of counters to them that can be found in the vanilla game.
  • BlowMeow wrote: »
    TL:DR - Weapon / Card DLC makes the online environment indirect pay to win since some players can use weapons other's can't.

    Let me just start with that when this game game came out I was disappointed like everyone else with the lack of content. I was also disappointed that the season pass was going to be $50. But after I started to play it, it turns out I really liked the multiplayer. I became a big word-of-mouth supporter and encouraged a bunch of friends to grab it so that we could play together. However, there's a troubling trend that's going on in gaming (not just with Battlefront) that we need to put a stop to by letting EA/Dice and other developers know is not cool. Indirect pay to win.

    Here's the deal, when you buy an online game, the game should be the same for everyone playing. It would be ridiculous to get the new Madden only to have the Detroit Lions, Patriots, Seahawks, and Browns locked behind a pay wall. But what makes it really unfair is that when you go to play someone who paid and they can use the Patriots and you can't. Now, the game isn't the same for all who purchased it originally. It should be that only people who purchased the Patriots can play against other people who purchased the DLC as well ...or is should be that they can play non-DLC people but they can't use the Patriots.

    You might be thinking, that's a sports game. It's not the same. Ok. What about Mortal Kombat X or Super Smash Brothers where characters are locked behind DLC but people who purchased them can use them against you online? Maybe one of the DLC characters has some great counters to your #1 character of choice.

    And now we have Battlefront. With weapons and cards that only DLC purchasers can use. Dioxis grenade, Disruption, etc. This is not cool and a trend we as gamers shouldn't allow anymore.

    You also might be thinking I'm cheap. "Just buy it!" you might say. I'm not cheap and I'm not against DLC. This is different. The core game/gameplay should be the same for everyone. And even if I was cheap or money was tight, why are you penalizing me for my situation?

    When DICE made Bad Company 2 Vietnam, it had new weapons and maps. Bought it. Loved it. But I wasn't allowed to use those weapons like the flame thrower in regular BC2. Why? Because that would be ****.

    You might also be thinking I suck at Battlefont and that's why I'm complaining. You'd be wrong. Positive kill count, positive W/K ratio, and level 61.

    You might also think that it's not a big deal. The new weapons/cards aren't that good or they don't change the battlefield much. Well, what if I had access to some of the new cards and my game got even better? Or the inverse of that is what if some other player got better (killing me and others) because they found a better load out due to DLC? I'll admit that the new weapons/cards that I can't use aren't really slowing me down, but there's still two DLC's to go and anyway, that's not the point.

    Long post, short. Indirect pay to win DLC is garbage and needs to stop. Either separate DLC players from non-DLC players (like BC2) or only do DLC that doesn't affect gameplay (skins, maps, emotes, challenges, etc.) At this point, EA/DICE should allow all cards and weapons to be free to everyone (maybe non-DLC players have to earn it) and push emotes, maps, modes, and skins in the new DLC.

    You can disagree with me (and I'd like to hear why) but I've been a gamer since Intellivision (google it) and I've seen gamers shoot themselves in the foot over and over again. This is just another example.

    I've been on a seesaw with this game since Nov. The only reason why I've come around to this game now is because they did what I mentioned in my vids some time back and this was the following.

    1. Fix their screw ups
    2. Change the bare boned game
    3. Add space battles
    4. Make an effort

    They've done all of that. I honestly have no more complaints.
  • Ezio
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    As many have pointed out and you conceded, the dlc is not pay to win. I will agree with you that it is pay for options, but I would say that that isn't a problem. For a game that is marketed to be mostly multiplayer, what more would you want out of a dlc? The SP gives you more map options, more mode options, more hero options, and more tech options. As stated, everything has a vanilla counter, and most have a vanilla counterpart as well, so therefore don't upset the balance. People paid a considerable sum of money for more options, and they should receive their options. I fully understand what you're getting, but I have to disagree. Just because some people have more options doesn't mean there's an uneven playing field, directly or indirectly, it just means there are more ways for those people to enjoy themselves and experiment, something they've earned.
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    Well, at least it looked and sounded cool :)
    I need berserker to make that one work for me ;)
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