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Can we have more meaningful things to spend credits on?

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I've got 172,000 credits with nothing to spend it on other than charges, most of which already have over 100 charges. Have also been doing daily base command missions mostly because it's fun, but also for the daily 750 credit gain to add to my fortune. I'd love it if you gave us some more meaningful items to spend our credits on other than customization's. Perhaps you can offer new features that extend our gameplay experience?
  • 100k credits can buy us additional hands to bring into a match, up to a maximum of 4.
  • 20k credits can buy us a slot for attaching a trait to a given hand. This would allow us to fine tune our playstyle within a match.
  • Let us upgrade our black cards to gold which shaves off a few seconds, within reason.
  • You could give us vehicle customizations?
  • You could give us permanent hero skins which always take precedence when we choose a hero?
  • Maybe you can give us additional items to purchase in the diorama to showcase your art.

Any other ideas?
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  • I love these ideas but the prices are too high. I have a feeling if it's too high priced then it will just turn the game into a grind like many other games have for me.

    What I like about this game is that it's pretty casual when it comes to gameplay. I don't have to spend hours and hours every day for weeks just to unlock one piece of gadgetry or skin (I am looking at you R6S).

    The top three ideas I like from your list however is Vehicle Customization (talking about traits and gadgets more than cosmetic customization), Additional hands, and Trait slots. I don't have any clue towards other ideas though that would work with how the game is set up.

  • No to anything that can give hardcore players that much more of an advantage over casual, even if it's having a few extra hands.

    I have over 350k and everything unlocked. I'd rather just see skins for troopers, vehicles and heroes that are worth 100k a piece. It gives me something to go after, but doesn't give me that much more of a leg up on everyone.
  • NothingButSteel
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    Agreed, I have 1 million credits. Not saying that its going to happen but I would love to buy myself a personal star destroyer. :lol:
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