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DP-23 Rifle

What's everyone's thoughts on this new addition for the Death Star DLC? Personally I'm excited because it's another shotgun but hopefully it doesn't become too OP for close quarters. Also, what else do you think will get added in terms of blasters and star cards?


  • Alvonator
    2510 posts Member
    Im excited about it.

    Btw, you should post a picture of it and the reason why it is coming. A lot of people don't know that this weapon was featured in the Chewie DLC art.
  • DaBeast
    1189 posts Member
    edited July 2016
    It seems pretty cool... I don't use the 1 shotgun in the game all that much though so I probably won't use it a lot.
  • DP-23 is a blaster shotgun used by clone engineers during clone wars; oudated.
  • Wolffe2100
    2041 posts Member
    Is it confirmed that it is coming?
    Experience outranks everything
  • Not confirmed
  • If you're thinking of the soldier I think you're referring to I thought it looked more like an updated CR2 blaster. It looks a bit short to be the DP23 which looks from the wookiepedia pictures to be at least as long as an A280c.
  • Gingie
    4317 posts Member
    Wolffe2100 wrote: »
    Is it confirmed that it is coming?

    It was found in the concept art.
  • Firewall17
    1166 posts Member
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  • the weapon held by the rebel doesn't look like the dp23. It clearly has a foregrip which the DP23 doesn't as well as the wrong kind of muzzle (it's an hourglass whereas the dp23 is more like a funnel). IMO it also looks to compact.

    I think it's more likely an updated CR2 blaster or something.
  • Wolffe2100
    2041 posts Member
    I wouldn't have speculated right now until it is not officially confirmed
    As you know, pointless speculations lead to dissapointment
    Experience outranks everything
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