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Focused Feedback

New to the game - Looking for friends

Gamertag - MelodicCobra896
Hey everybody, I am pretty new to the game and would like to have test out my skills online or have some more experienced players teach me some tricks. feel free to add me!


  • Hi!! I'd love to play/partner up w you, sounds fun. I've been playing Battlefront for a longer amount of time, and am currently lvl. 66, but I don't play very seriously- but of course, try to win. I /sometimes/ use mic, but not all of the time.

    GT: tatorrrtot
  • How's it going, would be happy to play with you
    Hit me up mate
    GT BushWookiee101
  • Hey, I'd be happy to partner up sometime!
    GT: DynastyEmpire96
    I don't have a mic unfortunately, but I always play the objective as best as I can and play to win. Feel free to add me!
  • Would be good to get someone like you. I'm level 69 and I play the objective
    Gt: marcanthony421
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