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Looking to Play with people on Star Wars Battlefront

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edited July 2016
Hey guys,Im 14(dnt know y my age would be important??) and i love swb but none of my friends play. I'm looking for people to play swb with me. Just to have a good time. I dnt play serious but of course i try and go for objectives. You dnt need to be good at the game but i'd like it if youd be co-opertive. Ive notice when beside partners, youre star cards cool down alot faster. no mic is required (mine is broke) dnt be shy to txt me to play gt: LittleHavo. i'm lvl 45. i dnt care if youre lvl1 or lvl70. I hope to see you guys soon ; ) P.S. I live in UTC time zone so do research on your time zone because i may not be on when you are!

GT: LittleHavo

!! I do not play with hackers/cheater/Trollers please do not be disrespectful!!
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