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GRM is recruiting everyone

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Hello everyone, GRM Phoenix 38 squad is looking for more people to play with! We are a casual/social clan looking for some fun people to play SWBF with.

some info on us:

- GRM is an Xbox one only clan currently

- we are a clan across 4 games - Star Wars Battlefront / Black Ops 3 / Destiny / Halo 5: Guardians. SWBF has 3 squads of around 80 players so roughly we have 240 active people who play SWBF.

- GRM uses a military style rank structure to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

- We host nightly events Monday - Saturday at 8 pm EST which are basically just us getting everyone online together in a big group and going and killing some imperials or rebels (no preference).

- signing up on the website is encouraged but not madatory

We have only 4 requirements if you join,
1: Add a gamertag we use to keep track of members to make sure everyone is getting update messages.
2: Add some information to your biography on you XBL profile to identify you as a member.
3: come to 2 events we host nightly at 8 pm est per week (daytime events starting soon).
4: have fun and play SWBF

If you are interested send me a message on xbox GT "KingxPerez" or leave a comment and i will get back as soon as i can, Good luck and have fun on the battlefields.

GRM Phoenix 38th Battalion First Captain
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  • So we can't really go after the guy for using your format which is all that he's using here. But we warned him for posting in caps lock. The most we could do.
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