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Jump-pack Star Card

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edited August 2016
I can't be the only one that without the Jump-pack star card I'm just useless, I'll just skip straight to my idea, since everyone uses the Jump-pack star card why not just make it something that automatically comes in the game without the use of a star card? like so every player has a jump-pack and they double tap X (JUMP) or something to use it rather than it being a star card? What are your ideas on this guys? because to me the Jump-pack star card is a must have and I think most of you guys will agree with me on that.


  • I never use the Jump pack and alot of games i play most players don't use it either.
  • My standard loadout is flash, stinger, and bacta because I'm a support-style player. I have no need nor desire for the jump pack and do just fine without it
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  • Gingie
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    I never use the Jump pack and alot of games i play most players don't use it either.

  • LoganTNZ
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    Jump pack is amazing. My load out is jump pack, explosive shot, bacta, scout and either SE-14C, DLT-19 or DH-17.

    Jump pack to an enemy, activate explosive shot and bacta myself.
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  • bfloo
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    I don't use or want the jump pack. But if everyone had it, it would be more to shoot out of the sky.
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  • If the jumpack became built in then this game would be the next call of duty.
  • My loadout with Jump-pack is 1. Jump-pack 2. personal shield 3. bacta bomb * I Use it mostly for walker assualt, personal shield and bacta for added health and jump-pack for launching myself in to disable to enemy uplink, can u give me a good hero vs villians loadout guys?
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