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Third Uplink showing in Walker Assault

I just finished playing a round (2 matches) of Walker Assault on the PS4 on the Forest Moon of Endor map (multiplayer) and every time it went to the second and third round of uplinks one of the previous uplinks stayed on the map.

I am unsure if you can actually activate the uplink (I'm thinking not) but you can see it on both the Imperial and Rebel side and it causes a lot of confusion as to where you should be going.


  • guess this is what i observed too on bespin WA, it's like one uplink isn't deleted from the screen, at least not the symbol showing you the direction. when you get closer you realise it's not there anymore.
    yep, can be pretty confusing.
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  • TMachine97
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    You just have to stare at it for a few seconds, if the bar around the edge is not moving, that's the glitched one

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