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Berserker contract only unlocks with original traits

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edited September 2016
I recently unlocked Escape Artist and had it equipped while trying to complete the contract for Berserker (Requiring Lvl 3 five times on a trait card). I definitely hit level 3 more than 5 times but the Hutt contract showed no progress and the trait never unlocked. Then I switched to Scout and the progress bar updated fine.

TLDR; EA, you guys should have specified ingame that new traits wouldn't count towards the Berserker trait contract.

Edit: In case anyone was wondering, it was not a simple display error. I've encountered that before and still gotten my contract reward even if the progress bar wasn't properly updated.


  • My berserker contract is stuck and I'm using Escape Artist too.
    Will try tomorrow with a base trait and will tell you if it works or not.
    Thanks anyway :)
  • This pleases me. We don't need more people using berserker
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    Proceed with the countdown!

  • I can confirm that it works with base traits but not with (in this case) Escape Artist.
  • bfloo
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    I'd guess this is because we only had the vanilla traits when berserker came out.
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