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I finally won the 'win one match in each Multiplayer game mode' achievement this morning

I've tried and tried hero hunt many times but never even got close to winning so I decided to have another go this morning. The first match was a person completely dominating who got 37 kills then did so much damage to the next few heroes that he/she became the hero again quickly getting the kills needed to get to 50 to win the match.

I stayed in the lobby and decided to have another try. The match started and there were only 3 of us in the game. One of the players picked Vader & got some quick kills which made the 3rd person quit. So it's me v Vader (on Endor) and I manage to pick him/her off from distance whilst been killed a few times (no idea why he/she didn't go for any of the health tokens).

He/She managed to get 7 kills whilst playing as the hero. I spawn as Dengar and go after some kills - he/she does a little damage to me but I get the kills I need to take the lead and then he/she quits!

So basically there's 6 or so minutes left on the clock with me completely alone on the map running round spamming the emotes (you're gonna take a dirt-nap), hurricane rushing trees and throwing my three explosives onto rocks. All I need to do is survive until the clock reaches zero and I finally get that achievement I've been chasing for the best part of a year...

Seconds left - 10, 9, 8...the timer reaches zero and nothing happens! I haven't won the match or earned the achievement. I'm still running around, in the lead, with nothing to do. No other player has joined since the last one quit and it suddenly dawns on me I need to die to end the match - standing on explosives does nothing nor does rushing head-first into trees. Thankfully I figure Dengar surely isn't a a freefaller. I climb as high as I can ignoring the ewoks who come into view and leap, Assaassin's creed style, onto the ground which causes about 7 worth of damage. I repeat this quite a number of times (health decreasing by different amounts depending on whether I hit rocks or plants) until finally I take one last glorious leap towards certain death. Game over, match won, achievement finally earned.

My weekend is complete.


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