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A Few Early Thoughts on Death Star DLC

I've only played around a dozen or so matches so far, but here are some of my quick thoughts on the experience so far:

1. LOVE THE MAPS! They really catch the details of the Death Star, especially the interiors. I think some of these maps will be in my favorites, and they definitely need more modes in the playlist to so that we can hang out in these interiors even more.

2. First map for Battle Station Mode is boss for people who love to fly. I'm having a ton of fun flying through the asteroid field to save myself from Rebel/Imperial fire. I wish more Imps would scatter to the asteroids during the 'rebels attack fighters' phase so that we could have more compelling and unique dogfights.

3. There needs to be more vehicle power ups for the first phase of Battle Station. It seems like they are a 'one and done' kinda thing for this mode, which is unfortunate. Not only is it sweet to have the new vehicles flying around, but I'm noticing that the Rebels loose a lot during the first phase and am wondering if having more vehicle power ups will help them get the 'TIE kills' faster.

4. The trench run is confusing right now, but I expect that will change in time. As the Rebels we defeated the Death Star once and boy was that a blast. This mode is really focused on team play, and we were really in tandem hunting down all of the Imps to free our man up for a shot at the Death Star. It came down to overtime (as did the second phase in that round) and yeah... it felt really good to play a part in the victory.

5. I'm disappointed that vehicle power ups and Luke & Vader did not make Skirmish's version of Fighter Squadron. I wasn't expecting any other content, but was expecting that any fighter squadron changes that were made to online would be available offline. Hopefully that will come in the coming weeks/months when they tell us more about future skirmish plans.

6. I played two rounds of the Skirmish modes and it's nice to see that the bugs are fixed. I haven't had a chance to see if they made any AI tweaks, but all and all very thankful they addressed the bugs.

7. Chewy and Bossk are super fun. Played as each of them once and I can't complain. In the right hands Bossk might be OP, but my to-early-to-judge assessment is that they are perfectly fine.

So yeah, those are my initial thoughts. I'd love to hear what the rest of the community has to think, as long as they keep it civil. People are getting outrageously mad over something they haven't had a lot of time to play with.


  • Also... not to bump up my own post but I forgot to mention:

    Huge thank you to DICE for delivering space battles and dynamic customization options.

    You guys said there would be no space battles and the fact that you heard the need and addressed it in such a grand way really goes to show what kind of developer you are. As a Star Wars fan who has been thirsting for Battlefront for a long time I really appreciate your dedication to the property and to the needy fanbase.

    The dynamic customization is the icing on the cake. It was something I never really expected or felt necessary to my enjoyment of the game, but also something that I'm really happy we have. For the sake of immersion, having varied troopers (and no helemtless troopers) goes a long way in getting me lost in the galaxy far far away. Much appreciated!
  • stevenomes
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    I only got to play an hour this morning before work so this is also just first impression.

    - Flying is fun again! I died a lot but felt much more epic flying around death star trenches, star destroyers and asteroids. Felt like star wars to me!

    - battestation seems more dependent on team than the other modes. I feel like many pugs will struggle to get to end as rebels without coordination. Still was fun to play though. Won as imperials (I took down multiple trench runner scum!), lost as rebels (2nd phase).

    - like the customization options. No more wretched storm troopers without helmets. Death star troopers and rebel pilots! Can't wait to unlock these guys.

    - Did not get a chance to play as chewy or bossk (only 2 runs before I had to leave for work). But my team had bossk and he wrecked house. chewie killed me a few times but didn't seem too bad. He's probably going to be better in a group leading the charge

    - level 90 omg!
    - inside death star looked amazing. I died a few times while staring down the corridors.
    - didn't unlock the new cards but they requirements don't seem to bad.

    I'll update when u play more later tonight
  • Only problem I see so far is Chewie. He can't compete with the other heroes
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    Proceed with the countdown!

  • Old_fella_1963
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    So good but can imagine a lot of dislike due to the flying. THE flying is so much more enjoyable and interesting now in Battlestation phase 1 ...have to try other FS maps
  • I only got to play one round of battlestation (which we won in the 1st stage).....and having played many, many rounds of Fighter Squadron since the game launched I have to admit that I killed myself at least four times ramming into the star destroyers and once in the space junk trying to grab the Slave 1 pickup. I'm not judging the DLC until I get to play more....but as expected the maps look amazing. And I like the customization changes.
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