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BattleStation mode and general Battlefront map thoughts

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edited September 2016
First off, I think the Battlestation mode itself is very well done. The problem is the fact it's the same map for each phase over and over. I can see the first Phase being the same map because there's not really much you can do to spice up taking down a Star Destroyer.

However, there should at least be 3 different infantry maps for Phase 2, not the same one over and over. They could also do 2 or 3 different trench run maps for Phase 3.

So the result is a great game mode with no variety to it. Worst of all is there's no real chance we will get any extra maps for this mode since it's not a launch game mode in the base game. So long term, people are going to tire of this quickly. And again, nothing for large map players.

Because DICE chose not to use the same map philosophy as they do in Battlefield, we have a game that can't possibly accommodate fans of a variety of game modes.

So DICE revealed the maps for Battlefield 1. Once again, they are launching with every map supporting the largest game mode, with smaller versions of those maps for other games modes like TDM, Rush, etc. So there will be 9 maps at launch in BF1, all supporting 64-player conquest with versions for smaller game modes. Fans of every game mode will have plenty of maps to play.

Imagine if this game had launched like that. 10 large maps supporting Supremacy and Walker Assualt with cutouts of those maps supporting Blast, Droid Run, HvV, Cargo, etc. Then Outer Rim and Bespin DLC would both do the same launching with 4 large maps each with cutouts of those maps for smaller game modes. Then they could do Battlestation mode for Death Star, and no one would care about map content because we already have tons of maps for each mode.

This is definitely what they need to do for Battlefront 2.
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