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Is the new Blaster Pistol too weak?

I feel like it's just as bad, if not worse than the Night Sniper. I don't ask for buffs or nerfs often but other than it's charge shot it seems pretty useless. I probably haven't used it enough to be a real judge but I'd like to hear other opinions


  • Lonnisity
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    edited September 2016
    I'm guessing you haven't OHK'd anybody with the secondary fire yet, huh?

    I've messed around with it in skirmish and it almost felt unfair. I even took down an AT-AT in one bombing run with it. Strange that people are saying it sucks
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  • it is VERY weak
  • Still haven't unlocked it. Why would I play as Han when I can play as Chewbacca?
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  • I haven't tried to yet, just wanted to use it and its normal function. The players may had bacta on but I feek like 3-4 shots did like 30-40 damage
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  • It's horrible beyond secondary fire. A real liability that I feel is better off as a medium sniper rifle or popgun. Gotta be very accurate with your shots.
  • Secondary fire can be good, primary must have a super steep learning curve because to me it sucks
  • I used it a little more and it definitely has potential but I do think it may need a little damage increase
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