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RIP - Star Wars Uprising

Just wanted to make a quick shout out thread to Star Wars Uprising, a mobile game that is part of the Star Wars canon. They will be shutting down in mid-November, so if people are interested in seeing how the Anoat Sector (which has the planets Hoth and Bespin) defeated the Empire, you have three-ish months to get on the bandwagon!

You will be missed, Star Wars Uprising, but thank you for your contribution to Star Wars canon!



  • That game was a lot of repetitive grinding. Would've loved to get further without needing to shell out money just to progress.
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  • Yea I tried to play it, it was a great concept. Unfortunately it lost my interest really fast.
    May the force be with you.
  • Cool concept buried under terrible repetitive grinding and pay to play mechanics. I'm actually glad it failed since it shows the developers that you can't crap out anything with the Star Wars name and expect success. As far as the story goes, I'll just read the cliff notes on Wookieepedia ;).
  • RIP Indeed. I was a beta player for the game. Gonna miss it, but I suppose it was inevitable. I only regret I won't have enough time to become a Force-user in the game or finish the story.
  • I downloaded it few months ago. I couldn't even load app, it was broken. I've heard nobody could access the game for a long time. Developers of SW Uprising are guilty for this.
  • I liked it at launch, but pay-to-play concept made me bored..
    It would have been nice without it
    The plot is interesting, tho
    Experience outranks everything
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