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Why can't this game be like previous DICE games?

I've read so many posts about all of previous DICE games being well supported and DLC's being loaded with goodies. I can't find my people who fault any of their previous games in this way. Yet this game seems somewhat neglected? Especially in terms of correcting glitches and proramming mistakes. DLC content has been rather light compared to their previous games. It seems they misinterpret the feedback, and make many mistakes with each patch. At the current state this game is broken.
List of broken stuff off the top off my head.
Lando power blast (game breaking)
Speeder bike team killing
Multiple hero glitch on walker assault (game breaking)
Multiple hero glitch on hero hunt (game breaking)
Server booting issues
Hero and villain not displayed correctedly when killed
Soft spots in every mode and map
Death Star DLC

I am sure there are many more problems. Are there any that I missed? Especially the game breaking ones. It hurts how many there actually are in this game, and have been there for months...

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