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the new heroes...

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After playing as them both multiple times on various game modes this is what I think of the two new heroes for the Death Star dlc.


Appearance 8/10
He looks great, but just a little short in my opinion, he should be big and tall but he looks the same size as greedo who is smallish.Other than the height, he's spot on.

Weapons and Trait 9/10
The Improved relby feels nice and smooth and his ability to regen health is handy and not too OP.

Abilitys 9/10
Barrage is fun and can destroy anyone, (it might get nerfed). Predator vision is cool and the the jump dioxis is really handy and works well most of the time, at times it seems a bit clunky but I've got quite a few kills with it.

Gameplay Overall 9/10
They nailed Bossk in my opinion. He's fun, fast and powerful. He feels great to use, beats most Heroes one v one and is versitile, he can play support, tank or damage.


Appearance 6/10
Slightly dissapointed with the look of chewie his fur just looks a little off, but his size and voice is spot on.

Weapons and trait 7/10
His bow caster can be devastating in the right situation, I would like to see slightly more splash damage as he's only really nailing people when the bolts hit direct. His trait is nice but I feel they should add 'rage' to it and increase his speed or armor as well.

Abilitys 8/10
They all work well, doubling the bolts is handy and effective. The roar is nice but it takes a long time for chewie to be able to fire after he has used it. I have ran into battle, used it, but then i can't shoot for what seems like 2 or 2.5 seconds after, which is a long time. Needs to be fixed to 0.5 imo. Ground slam is great, the animation could use some work though, it looks silly in some situations.

Gameplay and overall 6.5/10
I've had mixed results with chewie, he's a monster in the Death Star battle station game mode against infantry, but not so great in the heroes vs villains unless your team is really onto it, (which seldom happens). He's slightly too slow and I wish the camera would zoom out more as his size blocks a lot of the screen (on ps4). His appearance could do with some work, I know it's hard since he's covered in fur and I'm sure they worked a lot on it but it's still slightly off and needs work. Vader and Dengar can easily out tank him from what I've seen so far, so hopefully he's buffed slightly soon as he's my fav character.

What are your thoughts?


  • Anoh
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    I struggle with Bossk, he is very well balanced, just me not getting the hang of him.
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  • Anoh wrote: »
    I struggle with Bossk, he is very well balanced, just me not getting the hang of him.

    I'd say the same about Chewbacca. His speed isent a balance problem (it's fair considering his health) but if teammates don't support you it can get frustrating.

    Chewy needs more health
    Be able to attack straight away after using wookie roar (doesn't last that long anyway let us get the most out of it)
    Ground slam needs animations polished
    His fur and eyes need re animating (very badly done imo)
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