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Two-three John Williams themes at the same time in FS! Pls fix!

Was flying one in FS today after a while I could hear a second music score starting in the background.

Here is how:
When I started on a map it reset and I heard only one score - that is, until the second time on that map (the matchmaking had me going Imperial again), then I could hear two different scores looping all through the game. Then when it started a new map (still playing two scores in the background), some one picked the Darth Vader TIE pickup and I got the Imperial march craving attention over the two already playing... I had to quit and play Walker assault to clear my ears.

Haven´t tried FS again after this (also got one-shotted by them Bwings, Ywings and TIE defenders so I lost interest :wink: )

Platform: PS4

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