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Perfect & complete Death Star Trench run

From start to finish with no mistakes. Useful if you want to learn the route - here is the video:


  • Excellent run - "Smooth shot!" :smile:
  • this may seem like a dumb question but what was that Y-wing thing you picked up?
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  • Gingie
    4317 posts Member
  • Nice Mikey.

    I came here to upload my first perfect run I did last night and found your post. the force has clearly been with the rebels lately!


    Interesting to see you do the same as me and hit the turbo straight towards the trench prior to being selected... I wish all my teammates did the same!

    I go a different way to you after the 4th checkpoint.. straight up and over. But avoid flying too straight. Less cover initially but you get to the inner part quicker.

    I thought I was done for when I had the lock ons at the end and speed boosted into the corner...

    My most enjoyable moment in battlefront to date. Yeehaw!
  • this may seem like a dumb question but what was that Y-wing thing you picked up?

    That is the Y-Wing support icon - spawns two of them to fight for you. One of them got me a kill just before the exhaust port.

    @mercurybeee - yes you are right about the short-cut after checkpoint 4. I didn't want to risk it myself! Just too many occasions where I got killed instantly after being assigned the trench run. You spotted I 'anticipated' getting chosen in the first group for the run - no harm in that and you'll probably get picked one time in four roughly. Good flying pilot...
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