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Gamescom 2019 Triple XP
Community Transmission

Dlt19x, Cooling Cell, Sharpshooter, and a lot of patience

I ran this loadout today (along with Jump Pack and Scout Binoculars) and achieved some decently high scores, and I definitely recommend it to you guys!

Now as long as you take cover away from the major active points and stay relatively well covered on your flanks, you should do your job just fine as the 'annoying sniper'.
Remember to switch places and positions often, 2-4 guys will be gunning for you where you were, so catch'em by suprise from somewhere else.

Now don't be completely kill-driven (you will be tempted, trust me) and be sure to cover those uplinks/control points/etc

What I do warn you of, is try to avoid any close quarter situation, and it will be excruciatingly difficult going against players with Bacta Bomb, Bodygaurd, Personal Shield, and T21-B

Hope this offers a fresh loadout option!


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