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Luke Bespin outfit - please make it

DICE, can you please make the Bespin outfit/costume that Luke wore in the The Empire Strikes Back movie when he fought Vader for the first time using the blue lightsaber so that people who use Luke in the Bespin levels will have him wearing it like how he wears a different costume in the Hoth levels to blend into the background? It was such an iconic costume in ESB it would be such a missed opportunity not to make it. Maybe you can make it with the next patch when you fix Lando's muddy cape too.

Also the Bespin DLC really needs a Heroes vs Villains mode like how the Outer Rim DLC has it. I was really looking forward to playing Heroes vs Villains in the Carbon Freezing Chamber but was disappointed when it was not there.


  • I hope they'll do it someday... We all want a "Luke Bespin"... And a "Luke Farmer" frow tatooine in Ep 4 " A new hope"... Please... All the finalise content should have the movie coherence... I still believe in developpers...
  • I can understand if they don't make the Farmer outfit because he didn't really know how to use a lightsaber in A New Hope but they should at least make the Bespin outfit.
  • I can hear that... But i would love it, and please agree we don't want to see "luke stormtrooper" with a lightsaber on the death star dlc... I hope this rumor was a joke. ;)
  • I just want to see the Luke Bespin outfit (the one he wore when he landed on Dagobah and met Yoda for the first time) not the Stormtrooper outfit from ANH. Leia and Han Solo have their Bespin outfits, so shouldnt Luke also have his Bespin outfit?
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