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1st Person Alternate Zoom suggestion

In Battlefront, despite doing nothing for accuracy, I tend to zoom a lot in almost every firefight. I prefer the zoom more in 3rd person dues to the clarity of which I can see everything and it feeling simply easier to aim. Unfortunately I love being in 1st person but the zoom through the scope becoming the entire screen and no other option besides using the Outer Rim pistols makes it personally difficult to aim in 1st person, limiting my fights to hip-firing (conveniently more useful in 1st compared to 3rd). My idea is that there be an option for scoped weapons in 1st person to have an alternate zoom function similar to 3rd person where it simply zooms in without the extra shading and clutter from the scopes while still having the same zoom. It'd be a small change, but it would cater towards people like myself who zoom constantly but aren't particularly fond of the scope's details in 1st person.


  • thedrum808
    1713 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    So scope without the scope? I'd say nope. It'd be pretty dope, but one can only hope.
  • Similar to how it zooms in in Gmod Sandbox weapons, now that I think about it. Just zooming the screen, not looking down the scope removing your weapon and player model from your view
  • thedrum808 wrote: »
    So scope without the scope? I'd say nope. It'd be pretty dope, but one can only hope.

    Nice. ;)
  • Kind of like the Dl-18 and the Dt-12 I'm assuming.
    "ARC-5555, Stand down"
  • Darth_Cerebus
    2106 posts Member
    edited October 2016
    Fives, pretty much exactly like that, just with the zoom range of 3rd person. Which is actually the only reason I only used the DLT in 1st person. Because the 3rd person hip-firing looks stupd and absolute nonsense with that accuracy. Also, turns out s-tu-pid isn't allowed here as a whole word.
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