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Felucia Transmission
No Match for a Good Blaster

My Guide to Flying

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edited October 2016
We all hate the current flying mechanics. But we all love playing on the Death Star. So here are some tips to help us get pass that atrocious first phase.
Tip 1: Get yoga or something
It will benefit if you know the virtues of calmness and patience. Ya gonna need it

Tip 2: If someone's locking on to you, fly like crazy.
Try going down and getting your assaulter in front of you. This is easy unless you're an X wing.

Tip 3:Targeting
You wanna make sure your central crosshair is on the target before locking on. Failure to do so will notify your target and they will pop up their shield or speed away

Tip 4:Stay with a team
Tbh, your team is and always will never help you. But staying with them will lessen the chance of you dying. This means don't got into enemy territory.

Tip 5:AI
Don't get mad when you insta-die by an overpowered AI wingman

Tip 6:Firing
Stay calm when it takes you 39 years to kill someone, but an Awing from across the map kills you in 3 seconds and you scream.

Tip 7:Hero ships
AVOID HERO TOKENS AT ALL TIMES. becoming a hero ship will just put a big target on you, and the enemy team will relentlessly swarm your back why your team does nothing.

Tip 8: Crashing
You may think that just bumping into the side of a wall may only take off damage, but if your S-foil hits anything, then you die

Hope these tips help. Happy Dying-I mean Flying ;)


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