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Another Serious Post. Petition To Ban Luke Skywalker

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edited October 2016
Honestly, battlefront community, do we really like Luke Skywalkers? Think about your latest hero-supporting game mode. Was Luke in it? I HATE Luke. Now I love playing as the Empire, but all the time, you see him, he goes running towards you, you jetpack away, only to get force pushed. Luke ruins modes. In sabotage he always spawn camping. In heroes vs villans he's always the first to die. We don't have these problems with the Empire. It's never always Vader. You see Bossk, Greedo, Boba, Dengar. But for the heroes, it's Luke Luke Luke. Plus Luke is the noob's hero. And what do we know about noobs? They're reckless and annoying with a hero! So let's make Battlefront Great. When we get the Rebel Hero Token, let's see Luke's face always X-ed out. Who's with me?!


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