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Hutt Contract question (Contract Killer)

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edited November 2016
I'm a little confused here. I have a Hutt Contract that shows on the Unlocked page but not the Active page. It's "Contract Killer". It is in progress with 2 of 3 Targeting Rifle Streaks completed and 40 of 40 kills with a heavy blaster. But the last requirement "Kill 15 enemies with any targeting rifle" is at 0.

So, I went out with the DLT-19X and started farming kills with it. I definitely got 3 or maybe 4 kills with it in one quick game of Turning Point. After the game I went back to the Hutt Contracts page to check on the exact progress, and it's still at 0. It didn't give me any credit for it.

Does it have to be on the "Active" page in order to give credit? If so, how do I move it to active? I don't really understand what's going on here. I have a few other open contracts and they are all progressing as would be expected. So, I'm wondering if this is somehow stuck or is a bug or something? The DLT-19X is definitely a targeting rifle (a crappy one at that, IMHO!).


  • I've figured out it's a bug in the Hutt Contracts page itself. The reward is the Relby-V10. I've already earned it. Must have earned it 6 months ago. I honestly don't remember when. But I have this contract's reward. So it's just not showing as complete even though it is.
  • I just unlocked this contract and you need to kill all 15 enemies with targeting rifle in one round.
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