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non-fighter squadron

What is up with this garbage of a game mode? I just joined a game on Empire side and noticed there was a rebel player with 29 kills already. And sure enough as soon as I spawn, I die. I hit my speed boost and started juking immediately to try and live a little while, expecting that it was going to be bad. But it was a B-Wing that killed me. Those are AI controlled right?

I spawned in 3 more times and same thing happened. I was never able to even fire a shot because I never got close enough to anything to even try to dogfight. I was always killed by that same guy's B-wing over and over again.

What is up with this seriously? How can this be considered balanced when one side can't even get a shot off on the other side without constantly semi-one shotted?


  • I picked up one BWing
    I get 7 kills back to back without seeing a soul
  • It can be a fun mode. I play it a lot and have gotten decent at it. But you're right, the new AI ships are way overpowered. One half-second burst and it's all over. It's a lot like the turrets on ground maps, but even worse because they move and wander. Sometimes I spend half the game just taking out the AI fighters so they don't wreck my team too much.

    It's not just one side. Both sides have access to AI fighters through pickup tokens. The Rebels have B-Wings and Y-Wings, the Imperials have TIE Bombers and TIE Defenders.

    Hopefully they nerf their RoF and/or damage in the next patch.
  • The final lynchpin to balance FS. I have zero faith thet it will get fixed.
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  • B.wings and Y wings are HUGE watch for them as u r spawning and if they are out immediately go up.They will not target you and you can come down on them and shoot them....AI are tough but NOT impossible
  • I hadn't played Fighter Squadron in some time except in the Death Star DLC. My brother plays on Xbone, I play on PC. Today I saw him playing and getting repeatedly one-shotted straight out of spawn by B-Wings and Tie Bombers. It was clearly frustrating the crud outta him...and I had never seen that behavior in the Death Star DLC matches, so I logged on to play a few rounds of 40 multiplayer Fighter Squadron - and yep - SAME DEAL. One match literally every single time I spawned, I was insta killed by a Tie Bomber.

    FFS Dice/EA - FIX YOUR CRAP!!!!!!
  • They need to fix the AI wingmen. I hate getting one-shotted by B-wings when I am flying the Tie Advanced.
    Man! Could this game get any more broken?
  • ExposedLeach107
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    I only played FS once since the update that added ai and what have they done to it? I was not the greatest at it, bottom half table but now I finish bottom 3. Not to mention the amount of time I been shot down by ai in 2 seconds.
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