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How to deal with lousy teams?

Do you ever find yourself on a team that just can't seem to do anything? Like on Sabotage just now. I joined a rebel team and the team couldn't even capture a single generator. Everyone was outside engaging at range on the ramps rather than pressing the attack. One time I respawned on my partner and he was literally aiming straight down and shooting the ground. What the hell? Calibrating his controller or something?

Anyway, I'd try to rush past the nonsense and go into the main building but every time I was alone and wouldn't last long. Respawn, run back, and 4 or 5 people still on the outside walkways, strafing and trying to shoot that one sniper on the roof of the back building.

It's just so frustrating sometimes. I have a hard time staying in a game like that. I have to really force myself not to quit.


  • Every time man. But when your on a team of killstreak wannabes, there's no choice but to leave. As @TheDanimal28 said, just play with your friends. Sabotage is probably the one mode with the most dumbies. Every time I drop into it, the opppsing team is always better than my team, or the Rebels are outside of the extraction point trying to get kills instead of inside it. I saw one person yesterday go 0-25 with 100 score.
    Hey Man.
  • it happens to me all the time. i just wait for a team scramble change and usually stabilizes after a while.
  • Imy a big fan of sniping so I actually don't really mind terrible teams. Obviously I would prefer to win but if my team can't even break out of the spawn or turn on an unlink I'll usually just pull back a bit and pick off whatever enemies I can find. Once the game is over I might leave, depending on how many players leave.

    If the enemy team is pulling some ridiculous cheap nonsense like spawn camping I'll usually block the most egregious offenders in the hopes I won't have to play with them again. If it's blatant and obnoxious enough (think Luke in the imperial spawn on CFC) then I'll usually report them for spawn camping as well.
  • Carry them and top the leaderboards or quit.
  • It happens on and off. It seems like I'm on good teams for awhile, or I'm on bad teams for awhile. Lately, it's been bad. Most of the teams I've been on lately have had matches that have ended where I'm the only one going positive and the only one playing the objective. I've chalked it up to there being a lot of new players with the release of Ultimate Edition.
  • I can tolerate lousy teams if it's against randoms or a weak party. Otherwise I end up quitting because it's frustrating. Why DICE allowed parties but not give in-game chat is beyond me. It gives parties an even bigger advantage. They're a AAA developer while Naughty Dog (Uncharted, The Last Of Us) is not, and they run circles around DICE in every way in making and balancing games.
  • All Too true if your up against a good squad in supremacy. Sometimes all the good players you know are on one team. Then it is an annihilation bang bang bang check point to check point. GAME OVER
  • I was on two random IMP teams that got crushed twice in Bespin WA yesterday, didn't make it through the first uplink cycles both times. Seemed like every power up they got was vehicle turrets and there were tons out. Also played one as rebels where I was the only hero but the IMPS had 6 heroes going. Needless to say we didn't win. Lol. It is what it is, suck it up, play through, try some new tactics and have fun.
  • Yes had teams like this last night on all the large game modes. Team was just getting rolled, the team balancing was really bad. I couldn't do anything as I was often caught alone with the rest of the team scattered everywhere not doing any objective play.
  • There was a match last night with 4 soldiers and Leia. They couldn't even kill one Imperial officer that was jumping around them. People have bad aim
    Hey Man.
  • I usually stick it out and push the objective as hard as possible. Usually within a couple of rounds the teams flip. And the silver lining is that at least you can still get MVP even if your side loses.

    There are times though that you can just tell you are up against a party. They don't get split up between maps. In those cases, I generally leave after a few rounds. I don't mind getting killed, but when your side just gets rolled 5-6 rounds straight...well you can only take so much.
  • drink. a lot.
  • I don't know... sure there have been some dumb teams.. but it seems to me like the teams I am on just run into buzzsaws of great teams. Those teams KNOW what they are doing but, more so, they are just better players and can lock down an average team.
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