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Multi-tired modes logic flaw - idea for future BF game improvements

Watching the live stream they developed this idea for Infiltration (that is also included in the updated Death Star DLC mode) that the first few phases of the mode are weighted to favor one side (usually the Rebels) over the other side. In this type of game mode only the final phase is the phase that truly 'matters', which kinda makes the first two phases useless, and aggravating if the favored side doesn't get everyone to the final phase.

It seems like a waste to create multi-tiered modes in which the game ends in phase 1 or phase 2.

The way multi-tired modes should work is that phase 1 and phase 2 should never end the mode if one team wins. Multi-tired modes should do one of the following for phase 1 & 2:

1. teams are fighting for an advantage (time advantage/power up advantage/hero advantage etc) that helps them gain victory in phase 3
2. phases 1 & 2 are 'branching phases' where whatever side wins influences what the next phase will be. For example, let's use the Death Star DLC - Let's say that the Empire wins the first phase instead of the Rebellion. Instead of the Rebellion going to the Death Star, the Empire now has a chance to destroy the Rebel fleet that we see in the background of the map. From there, phase 2 would branch into two other options depending on who wins.

The way multi-tiered modes work right now don't give incentives for the Empire to win phases 1 and 2, especially if you like to do the trench run in DS DLC. It's not fun to 'play to lose' as the Empire in phases 1 and 2. It feels pointless, like a waste of time, and I think the way these game modes are built are logically flawed.

Feel free to agree, disagree or add any other thoughts/comments you have.


  • Jrob122
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    Yeah I agree. Like in DS aid the empire one they'd board tantive and have another objective from there. Like get the plans back
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