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Yet another glitch?

Maybe this is known, I have no idea, I can't keep up with all the stuff that goes wrong with this game. I love Battlefront, I really do, but I'm getting sick of all the bugs. Today I was playing a sabotage match and became a hero along with 2 others on my team. 2 minutes into playing as Bossk, it looked like I got flashed and instantly died and the other heros died at the exact same moment even though they were at full health. When I respawned, my soldier had bossks abilities instead of his star cards and his gun wasn't working properly.

This is on top of the U-wing phase 1 glitch, Landos exploit and that stupid bubble that blocks shots. Not to mention the devs haven't even fixed something as basic as being able to stick with one game mode on a DLC playlist (If I'm trying to unlock things via Sabotage, I don't want to play walker assault on Bespin). Seriously, you guys need to figure it out and deal with these issues.


  • Yes a couple of people have reported the same glitch, only on Extraction and Sabotage. No word from the developers on it, unfortunately
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