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Disconnects PS4?

Anyone else lagging out on PS4?


  • I haven't played today, but I was kicked out of half my games yesterday. Pretty awful.
    Play the kriffing objective, or get the kriff out.
  • All the time. Thanks Dice.
  • I get lag every once in a while. It's when the screen just has a ton of stuff happening at the same time.
    PSN: Trooper8059
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  • I'm pretty harsh on my connection but at least it's not that
  • I've been getting a lot of disconnects since Scarif was released. 2-3 per session and one day I got 11. Prior to that I had been disconnected 2-3 times total.

    Lag? As Trooper said, when there's a lot going on, especially multiple Heroes (and I'm one of them) it starts dropping framerates like crazy.
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