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Disappointed, what kind of a game is this



  • Skywalker485
    636 posts Member
    edited December 2016
    Well, to be honest. This game is a shell of its former self. The vanilla game was much more basic and just a joy to play. I feel they added and subtracted way too much over past few months of its life cycle. I'll take getting one shotted by impact grenades over the slew of new random things they added in.
  • BlazinSVK
    28 posts Member
    edited January 2017
    All what I wanted to say, is: In other FPS, all what is important/decides about result is your skill with primary weapon. This just doesn't apply in star wars (I understand every game is unique). So yes, for me those who spam combat roll, bacta,jet pack or stuff like that are not and never will be for me considered as "skilled". I could let play my gf, and all what she could done is spam nades and get a k/d above 2 or use shield and run for HERO pickups, welcome in star wars :D
    I'm a HvV player, member of TKS clan.
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  • Zenosa
    225 posts Member
    It is not complicated ...
    { Jumppack => charge card }

    This will rebalance the game..

  • This game is a giant mess. It has no idea what it wants to be. It says it caters towards all players, yet has a kill time equal to some of the most competitive games on the market.

    It claims to be an authentic Star Wars experience, but there's tons of instances where things simply do not match and pull you out of the immersion.

    It also has modes where teamwork is the key to success, yet they made a game where you can't communicate with others and push for a focus on the individual more than the team.

    Ultimately the game was rushed to meet the hype train of The Force Awakens. I'm sure a good chunk of us would have left if this game did not have the words "Star Wars Battlefront" on the cover.

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