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Back after 6+ months and basically nothing has changed...

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I'm actually not surprised at all, sadly. New stuff with glaring issues and old issues that still have yet to be resolved. It's not all bad of course.

The game mode for Death Star DLC is fun, Sabotage is fun and the Infiltrate is pretty good too though i haven't played that one too much. Some of the newer cards are real nice as well; sonic grenade, disruptor and even the medical droids/bacta bombs are pretty cool.

The newer weapons range from overpowered with ridiculous secondary fires to niche picks in few situations, the heroes are either pretty well balanced(Chewie/Jyn) to overpowered(Bossk/Krennic) and of course we have the Lando exploit scheme to work with now... which is super fun for me to figure that out after a few matches lol.

But the bugs and glitches and imbalance and laggy servers are still a huge issue... I'm enjoying myself playing again now that there are more outfits, levels, modes and all that but dealing with a rain of Bossk grenades ALL MATCH because the 3 different guys who got a Hero Token all picked him when it was their turn is getting on my nerves.

I know i'm getting back into the swing of things but i think the gameplay of this game is in worse shape than when i stopped playing after Dengar/Lando was released... That patch was a mess....

I'm getting 4-5 uplinks to defend at the last node in WA, which made me think they added more uplinks but of course its just a bug.

Spawn camping is still crazy and with no respawn protection the game can get real stale when you can't push out of your starting area.

Impact grenade isn't kiling on direct hits or its going through the player. This is happening with a lot of solid stuff, not just impacts.

HvV goes to 5 rounds but shows it complete at 3? idk whats up with that one.

I'm enjoying playing when the game functions properly but jeez, this is almost more of a mess than when i left... And the community is just getting smaller it seems, even with all this new content.

You guys that have been here, have i missed anything? Has it been like this the whole time? I'm thankful for new things to do but this still isn't a $90 game imho and its been out over a year now =/
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  • KrolJulian1916
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    Stoped reading when u said "Chewie is balanced, Bossk is OP". Have you ever played HvV game against Chewbacca post Scarif patch?
  • Oh no, don't get me wrong Chewie has his moments but he he's so much easier to deal with than Bossk/Krennic combo. I've been on the dealing/receiving end of that one and its not fun either way.

    and since this is post-scarrif and i haven't played since Bespin dropped then i'd say yes, i've played vs chewie post-scarif patch :|
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  • KrolJulian1916
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    Well I killed 3 villains within 20 seconds as Chewie. Thats not balances. Vader has literally no chance against Wookie. Bossk's only tactic is distance and traps. Palpatine can hit and run but that takes decent player. Only real answers are Boba (only on vantage point) and 3rd level trait Greedo. As I like powerful rebel hero, fact you were bested by Bossk on big mode doesnt make him overpowered and Chewie balanced. For me as mostly Han user Bossk is not big deal. Rapid shot melts his live in seconds. On the other hand Chewie takes time and damage you severly.

    I could agree with Krennik because of Armor Breaker (which is really easy to avoid) and ability ot own points with his droid. Bossk doesnt have homing and that damaging ability.
  • Good review of things and I'm glad you're enjoying yourself again vakyoom.

    It's astonishing the amount of bugs there are looking at pre outer rim release vs post OR.
  • Some of the newer cards are real nice as well; sonic grenade, disruptor and even the medical droids/bacta bombs are pretty cool.
    real nice

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