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A note about the forums accessibility

I don't know if a similar topic was already made, so I'm posting this.
I noticed that the "Forum" link in the menu at the top of the page is showing only if you choose "United-States" as your language.

Does that mean the feedback of Non-American players don't count ? Because it feels like that.
The link to the forums with a message or a popin saying the forums discussions are in english only would have been far better than hidding it.

At first I tought that was to prevent heavy moderation because of people posting in Spanish, French, German etc ... but even Australia and UK don't have the forum link.

How do you explain that ? A think a lot of players were looking for a place where they can express their feelings about the game, and they couldnt find it easily.

See you on the battlefield,
A non-american folk.


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