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Have graphics been nerfed?

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Had a small vacation from Battlefront since patchrelease, while ranking up in Battlefield 1.

Today I tried a few Battlefront games again and - is it only me or have the graphics taken a hit?

It was specially in FS and Battlestations you could see larger sized pixels... as I said before, could it just been me having distorted memories or have anyone else noticed this?

My platform is PS4
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  • Since release I've had it where the models are a bit pixelated before they fully load in. The same goes for the maps.
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  • @Trooper8059 Yeah, that tends to happen to me a lot.
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  • dragnink
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    Yeah I started noticing it didn't look like the textures were fully loaded by the time the camera shots start at the beginning of a map. The PC also has a bug where the default resolution scale is less than 100% at every map change. So I type render.resolutionscale 1 to make sure it's rendering at true 1080p, which sharpens the image slightly.
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  • Poor Chewbacca is now less pixeled as the red dot on the radar than when seeing him up close :wink:
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  • Yea they nerfed the graphics, they were OP.
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