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Felucia Transmission

How fun was the beta? I missed my chance to play.

I missed my chance to play the beta and i was wondering how it was for other people.


  • I liked it. It looks so eoic! There are a lot of angry posts from battlefield 3 and 4 players but I think beta was pretty cool. Tho devs need to tweak some things.
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  • was great fun
    I find your lack of jimmies rustling
  • Forums were good.
  • As you can see from my post count the forums are quite fun

    The game was fine too.
  • CuriousOne
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    Loved it!
    Many battlefield and previous battlefront players are a bit disappointed cus this game is very different in many ways. I might feel the same if I was passionate about those games, but I never have been. This title is more geared to the casual player who dont necessarily have several hours a day to level up or unlock stuff. There is still lots to unlock, but the game can be picked up and still enjoyed even if you dont have max level and everything unlocked, which I very much like.

    - Game has awesome graphics imo, which really help to feel immersed in the Star Wars universe. You truly feel you are in the movies.
    - The sound design is equally impressive (if not more) and only strengthens the immersiveness even more.
    - It has a very fair system of pickups, such as vehicles and heroes, scattered around the map. Which means anyone can get the chance to play around with these thing, without having to have a specific level etc. Again a big plus imo.
    - Matches seem to have a good length. Not too long, not too short.
    - Still a fair amount of bugs and tweeks to be done, but all in all I had a very good experience with the beta. I pre ordered straight after it closed down.
    A shame you missed out! :) But i can definitely recommend getting it, if you feel shooters should be a bit more casual like I do. And ofc if you love the Star Wars universe.
  • It was good
  • @Noava i feel sorry for you bro/sis, it was really good though i faced some quite wierd bugs.
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  • It kept dcing me on the last day :(
  • It was a blast. It was personally the most fun I've had with a game in a long time. That's pretty significant considering it was only a beta.
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  • Let me put it like this for you.
    • If you are a Star Wars enthusiast who can't stop fangirling to look at the details: It was amazing.
    • If you are an original Battlefront I enthusiast who can't stop gaming in 2004: It was amazing.
    • If you are an EA/DICE diehard who can't get over the graphics alone: It was amazing.
    • If you are an average gamer with high expectations for a new FPS: It was disappointing.
    You may proceed to gauge both past and future responses using this as a template.
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