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Lag Comparison

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A friend and I recorded clips of the same interaction. These screenshots potentially show how much lag there is in this game when you have no slow connection messages. We are using cycler rifles and strafing left. We are both in the UK, live about 70 miles from each other and both have fibre connections 40mb down and about 10mb up. Both wired in to our routers. Game was found by a normal search in Europe region. We are both on same team so no actual hits registered. Comments?

First set

Second set

3rd Set

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  • Wish this game had dedicated servers...
  • Got hit by a cycler last night at about 15 foot distance. Heard the shot, got the death notice.....THEN see the enemy pull the cycler out and see their shooting animation.

    So apparently I got killed by The Flash. know...his alter ego 'The Lag'
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