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Vehicle Implementation

Here's a few ideas regarding how Vehicles could be handled in Battlefront. Some may be reasonable and some may not, but the idea is to create an immersive experience that adds depth to the game.

First of course is the ability to walk up to a vehicle, climb on board, and control it. The simple idea of being able to run up to an AT-ST, climb up to the top, and open the hatch, adds a ton of immersion to the game-play. I understand the idea of floating tokens allows everyone a random chance of obtaining the vehicle (if not spawn-camped) but it really takes away from the feeling that your in a real Battle/War. Also, understandably, spawned vehicle can be camped as well and also add a lot of random clutter to the map, but this leads to the second point.

A stretch of an idea could be a Call In System. In this case vehicles could be called down to the battlefield, similar to calling in an orbital strike where you can select your area, but it would be a landing zone for a Barge or Lander. This prevents vehicles from randomly spawning on the map and also prevents camped spawns, but also gets rid of the need for a floating token system. Also, Barges and Lander's are the True and Authentic way of bringing vehicles down to a planet in these kinds of landscapes, and for a game that's apparent goal is to be Authentic, among other things, this would be the most true and realistic way to go. Now of course i'm not sure how easy this would be to implement into the game or if its even cost effective for the DICE team to work on, but it would be interesting. Also there would have to be a system in place that prevents over use of vehicles, so a skill tree system could be put in place, where you would have to earn the rank to be able to call in such a thing. So for instance someone who is playing as a Rebel Pilot could rank up enough to call in an X-Wing or A-Wing etc. after a number of game hours working on that proficiency. While an Imperial Officer could call in an AT-ST after skilling a specific proficiency, normal infantry could of course call in less destructive things such as speeders. Just some Ideas. Of course another issue would be the fact that Barges such as the AT-AT Barge are quite large, and am not sure if that would be feasible, but on large maps like Hoth it might work. Maybe some maps, like Endor, could block the ability to land Barges, forcing players to change their strategy. For added depth these Barges could be targeted by missiles and aircraft when landing so teamwork would have to be required to protect them.

Any Ideas? Maybe this is too far fetched, If anything I would at least like to see my character jump into a vehicle.


  • I like the idea of being able to call in vehicles.

    I also think vehicles could spawn in a hanger which you could spawn on to climb directly into a vehicle. This could work as a capture point in a conquest style game mode whereby you can spawn on captured points from a map spawn screen.
  • bfloo
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    I'd rather have enterable vehicles. I also want to be able to hijack enemy vehicles like in BF2.
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  • Evazan127
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    Would be really cool yet not cost effective.
  • EvazanJr wrote: »
    Would be really cool yet not cost effective.

    What do you mean?
  • I like the idea. Every vehicle doesn't need to be called in though. You could just hop in a starfighter from capital ship's hangar. It would be cool to see those medium sized ships from the rebels tv show to carry AT-ATs, AT-DPs, tie fighters and probably AT-STs on to the battlefield.
  • bfloo wrote: »
    I'd rather have enterable vehicles. I also want to be able to hijack enemy vehicles like in BF2.[/quthisThis.
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  • I think it would be a good idea to have a hangar bay or some sort of landing pad at the spawn, with the actual vehicle accessible there. They would spawn in like BF2. But the prestige system might actually work.
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