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Must Have Maps in SWBF 2017?

2510 posts Member
For a moment, move aside the maps you want, and tell us what maps are MUST HAVES in the Next Battlefront.

Here is my opinion...

What I want:
- Coruscant Underworld

Must Have:
- Toydaria
- Jedha
- Yavin 4
- Bespin (Prereably New Maps)
- Death Star (Preferably New Maps)
- Tatooine
- Scarif (Preferably New Maps)
- Hoth
- Vader's Castle in Sullust
- I don't care for the ST....


  • Jrob122
    4638 posts Member
    Eadu, Tantive, mustafar (Vader castle ;p )- not a must have but would be awesome
  • New Bespin maps with the iconic table and the furnace room

    Revamped Freedom Star maps and new Freedom Star 2 maps


    Revamped Scarif


    Mos Eisley

    Tantive IV


    Vader's Evil Edgelord Lava Crib™

    Yavin IV
    Official member of The Second Hand Club™

    Proceed with the countdown!

  • No one on these forums seems to realise that if they don't give us new maps for Death Star etc, they are incredibly lazy and clearly haven't made a AAA game
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