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Game modes

Dice created a lot of game modes for the first bf bit id like them to reduce the number for more quality game modes.

Drop zone
Hero hunt (if you are a good hero player this is an incredibly fun mode. Match making by ability could help this mode out.)
Hero blast to replace hvv. (Who enjoys every other round as infantry?)

Dice created some really fun small game modes which I'd like to stay.

Large game modes:
Here I only think two are needed if they're made really well.

Galactic conquest online.
This game mode would involve one attacking force and one defending force. The attacking team would aim to push the defending team off planet. If pushed back, the defending team then retreats to one or two more planets where if they lose all linear sets of sectors they lose. Inbetween planets there would be a proper space battle with bordable capital ships, manable turrets and no forced flying. The attacking team would have two capital ships and have to destroy the defending team's one capital ship.
This game would assist struggling attacking teams with a behemoth such as atats, light cruisers or capital ships if the maps are big enough. It would also make use of a ticket/ lifes system for the attacking team.
Vehicles would be dropped on map by carriers and troop transports would be able to spawn on troop transports.
This would add an element of story to online gameplay. It would act as bf2 multi stage mode or operations. It could have canon cut scenes between maps like operations.

This would be a freer game mode utilising ground to space with control points to capture out atmosphere. Bot ships wourebelsused to fill out the sky. There would be a hanger capture point for each team where vehicles would spawn. Capturing the enemy hangar would prevent their use of vehicles. This mode would also assist struggling teams with behemoths.

Both large game modes would be 64 player.

I like the idea that smaller game modes are more objective based to steal cargo like in rebels and the larger game modes are all out war.


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