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Battlefront 2: Holiday Special DLC Hero "Gormaanda"

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edited April 2017

Per Wookipedia, Gormaanda is very iconic and very important because....

"She was a female member of a four-armed species and a four-star-rated chef."
"She considered her recipes to be affordable and delicious."

Primary Weapon: Cooking Pot

Secondary Fire: Boiling Oil

"Don't forget to tip your FA droids while on Coruscant. They are programmed to blacklist the stingy."

"Greetings, Gentles! It is I, your culinary caretaker Ms. Gormaanda to once again guide your taste receptors on an ethereal journey."

Please, we must include this Hero as a Free DLC during the Holidays Season to honor her importance in the Star Wars Franchise. The community severely wants this Hero and she deserves a place in SWBF2 even before the overrated Clone Wars.

Please upvote, comment, and discus so that DICE may include this iconic Lady/Gentleman as soon as possible in SWBF2. Thank You.


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