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Hello everyone I run a crew for GTA V and have recently transformed it to a community. We play any and all games together. We have an age requirement (but go on a case by case basis) and don't allow squeakers or ragers in. Only catch is we do require everyone to tryout. It's nothing crazy it's just a tool we use to weed out the above mentioned players. We're on Xbox one and as I said we have members getting BOIII, FO4, Star Wars Battlefront, rainbow six siege, and more. With all the amazing titles coming out you're going to want a solid group to play with and Apocalyptic Order has what you're looking for. If you're interested message me on Xbox one my GT is - AtrocityL87 and I'll get you set up. Thanks for reading.


  • ptttf, NEXT!!!.... Not auditioning for anything PERIOD.
  • More of a screening process to maintain the integrity of the community. Guessing you're one of the above mentioned people that wouldn't be allowed in anyway. No loss to us. Reason I say this is because you took the time to make a comment like that rather than just moving on. Anyways, Anyone that's not like agent troll that's interested let me know. We're up to around 15+ people getting this game.
  • Nope, NEXT!!!!
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