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Maps, Heroes, Vehicles, Troops, Aliens, Weapons and Costumes that we want

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We want...

Of the ORIGINAL trilogy...

-Tatooine (with Mos Eisley and Jabba's Palace)
-the Death Star.
-Tantive IV
-Lando or Chewbacca of the Rebels and IG-88 or Starkiller* of the Empire.
-Luke with the Tatooine outfit and pilot outfit.
-Leia with the slave outfit, the Death Star gown or the Bespin red gown.
-Leia's blaster
-Luke's blaster in Bespin

Of the PREQUEL trilogy...

-Naboo (with the Theed palace, Theed city, Otoh Gunga and Cristal Santuary).
-Coruscant (with the Senate, the Republic Executive Building with Chancellor's office, the Jedi Temple and Padmé's appartment).
-Geonosis (with the droid factory, the spire castle that Obi Wan watched the separatists and he was jailed, the execution arena and Geonosis plains).


-Naboo starfighter
-Royal spaceship
-ARC starfighter
-Jedi starfighter
-V wing
-Republic interceptor
-Naboo star skiff
-Nubian yacht
-Naboo diplomatic barge

-Sith infiltrator
-General Grievous starfighter
-Droid starfighter
-Droid assault flier
-Genosian starfighter
-Droid trifighter
-Solar sailer


-Naboo security guards (with Naboo heavy blaster)
-Royal handmaidens (with Naboo grey blaster)
-Royal decoy (Sabé)



-Anakin (episode 3)
-Obi Wan
-Padmé* (with her blaster and the droid blaster and the posiblity of spawn in Sabé or in Naboo security guards)
-Mace Windu (hologram in missions)

-Darth Maul
-Count Dooku
-General Grievous
-Zam Wesell (in human appearance), Asajj Ventress* or Jango Fett
-Chancellor Palpatine (hologram in missions)

*Starkiller: Galen Marek isn't in the original trilogy but he was in the same period (appears in the force unleashed videogames), we hope that you include he in Battlefront.

*Padmé: she was one of the 3 most important characters of the prequel trilogy, we are really disappointed because she didn't appear in many star wars videogames (in Battlefront 2 no appears, in Disney Infinity is not playable, in the Clone Wars videogame (2003) no appears, in Revenge of the Sith videogame no appears, in Republic Heroes is not playable...)
We hope that you think about this and put Padmé on the Season Pass with the Geonosis outfit. There will be very good if you can customize the cape, the broken t-shirt with injuries and the coat white and blue of Ilum and add the Red Queen gown or the Loyalist gown or the Naboo fighter pilot outfit or the Handmaiden Battle gown (if you not include her handmaindens), and one of the Revenge of the Sith (the Mustafar outfit, the Delegation green gown, the Peacok gown...).

*Asajj Ventress: she not appears in the films but is an important character in the Clone Wars history (appears in Clone Wars of 2003 and The Clone Wars of 2008). We hope you include she in the Season Pass.
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